Wednesday, September 22, 2010


'Small Objects' is the operative name given by Linnea
Vegh and Steven Streisguth to their collaborative body of work. The
pieces are often a combination of inside jokes, second-hand anecdotes,
relationship detritus, and personal jetsam. Working in sculpture,
print, and found objects, the proximity of individual pieces form
constellations of personal mythology.

Opening on First Friday, October 1st at 6pm.
Refreshments and delicious home brews catered by Bongo Zeptobrewery

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soundoffka Vol 2. Call For Artists

Soundoffka Vol. 1 was a fresh collaboration between artists, working on individual pieces, which lent themselves towards the overall experience. It was also an interactive experience in which the audience became a crucial collaborative aspect to the overall piece. During the creation of Vol. 1 we also realized how vital the visual aesthetics of the space came into play. For Soundoffka Vol. 2, we would like to expand upon these concepts of collaboration, interaction, and the relationship between sound and sight.

The new concept for Soundoffka Vol. 2 is to pair up aural and visual artists, who have never worked together before, in groups of two or three people. Due to the nature of our space, the goal is to have 5-6 individual pieces that stimulate the senses by themselves, as well as contribute to the overall sound(offka) experiment, keeping in mind the individual listener's experience can contribute to the works end product.

Please submit a sample of your work and a short statement of your

previous installation experiences and your current objectives for your work. This does NOT mean that you must have experience doing installation,

and your submission will not be turned away if a "sample" of your work can't be squeezed into a photo or a sentence or an audio file. We just want

to know more about you in order to create sensible pairings of artists.

All artists, and sound entrepreneurs from Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state areas are welcome to apply! Thank you! We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on this grand experiment in the aural and visual realms of human experience. Please have all submissions sent to and cc: with "Soundoffka Vol. 2 Submissions" in the subject line. Submissions are due on September 20th. Thank you!