Monday, November 1, 2010

Soundoffka Vol. 2 is an aural and visual exhibition hosted by VWVOFFKA. Opening reception will be on first friday, November 5th from 6-11pm. Closing reception will be Friday November 19th from 7-11pm. Soundoffka Vol. 2 will be featuring the work of Adam Zucker, Jason A. Maas, Sarah Weber, Corey Pace, Christopher Gage, Megan Kelley, Bonnie MacAllister, and Brian McLendon. Soundoffka is a series of exhibitions in which artists explore the use of sound as an art form, expression, and the ways we relate to the vast aural landscape around us.

Soundoffka Vol. 1 was a fresh collaboration between artists, working on individual pieces, which lent themselves towards the overall experience. It was also an interactive experience in which the audience became a crucial collaborative aspect to the overall piece. During the creation of Vol. 1 we also realized how vital the visual aesthetics of the space came into play. Soundoffka Vol. 2 will further expand upon these concepts of collaboration, interaction, and the relationship between sound and sight. The participating artists have been paired with artists they have never previously worked with. The artists will be exploring these themes through a variety of mediums. Pieces ranging from site-specific installations, video projections, aural installations, multi-dimensional performances, interactive soundscapes, and various series of drawings and paintings will provide a fresh and palatable exploration of sound as a viable, accessible medium.