VWVOFFKA was a multi-functional store front space originally located at 2037 Frankford Ave in Philadelphia. The gallery was founded by Jenna Wilchinsky and Masha Badinter in Spring 2010.  Within the first months of its operation, the space shifted towards a collective round of involved dwellers where the people living in the home adjacent to the gallery took turns curating and orchestrating events. Their mission was to provide a venue to explore everything and anything related to music, art. education and culture that was accessible to their community.  The gallery moved in January 2011 to 2311 Frankford Ave and continued to operate as a collective with fluctuating residents and an extremely colorful variety of events and happening. The new location also housed The Dream Oven- a venue for musical performances founded and run by Marshall James Kavanaugh, co-member of WVWOFFKA. Over the years VWVOFFKA was home to many art exhibitions, poetry readings, musical events, art making parties, carnivals, lectures, flea markets, potlucks and dance parties. 
Unfortunately, the gallery is now closed. 

This blog remains as a very quiet memorial for the untamed magic and fun that was VWVOFFKA.

List of Past Members ( in order of involvement)
Masha Badinter
Jenna Wilchinsky
Benjamin Contois
Marshall James Kavanaugh
Willow Zef
James Garvey